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New HQ offfice, warehouse and manufacturing facility

General Plastics & Composites' custom-built facility is close to Houston's Hobby Airport and enabled the company to consolidate 13 buildings from its previous location 5 miles away.

The facility has a total of 123,000 sq. ft., designed specifically for effective work flow and includes a warehouse, manufacturing building and corporate office space.

Read more in a Houston Business Journal article.

Completed HQ office, Warehouse and manufacturing buildings

General Plastics New Building

Here's a photo chronology of the building process.

4-10-13-800-Yards-of-Concrete 4-10-13-Early-Morning-Concrete 4-10-13-More-Concrete 4-30-13-Materials-Bldg-Structure 5-08-2013-Matl-Bldg 5-08-2013-Mfg-Bldg2
5-08-Mtl-Bldg 5-08-Mtls 5-18-2013-Materials-Bldg 2-5-18-2013-Materials-Bldg 3-5-18-2013-Materials-Bldg 5-23-13-Materials-Bldg
5-23-13-Materials-Bldg2 5-28-13-Manufacturing-Concrete 6-6-13-entire-slag-for-manufacturing-bldg 6-6-13-entire-slag-for-manufacturing-bldg 6-6-13-entire-slag-for-manufacturing-bldg Materials-bldg-inside-with-siding
Materials-Bldg-with-siding Mfg-Bldg-in-Parking-Lot Rendering-GPC-1-view- Materials Building Manufacturing Building Manufacturing Building
Materials Building Office Building Office Building Office Building Inside Materials Building Office Building
Office Building          
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