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General Plastics & Composites received an award in October 2008 from one of our customers, Halliburton, for contingency planning in preparation for Hurricane Ike, which hit the Houston area in September 2008. As a result of the company's emergency readiness and planning, General Plastics & Composites was able to maintain deliveries with no delays in shipment. We're proud that our planning paid off, and couldn't be happier to have our customers benefit.


Specialties | Service Tools | Drilling & Evaluation | Cementation/Storage Tools | Liner Hanger Accessories


  • Turnkey Sub-Assemblies and Assemblies - includes purchase components
  • Isolation Assemblies
  • Complex High Tolerance Composite Machining
  • Complex Wireline Assemblies

Service Tools:

  • Composite Frac Plugs
  • Aluminum/Cast Iron Frac Plugs
  • Bridge Plugs
  • Cement Retainers
  • Frac Balls
  • Composite Baffles – Frac Sleeve
  • Aluminum/Cast Iron Baffles/Elastomers – Frac Sleeve
  • Composite Slips
  • Molded Slips
  • Aluminum/Cast Iron Slips
  • Packer Elements

Drilling and Evaluation:

  • Gap Subs
  • Antennae Isolation
  • Electronic Isolation
  • Antennae Subs
  • Battery Carriers
  • Electronic Accessories
  • Stand-Offs
  • Rigid Bridles
  • Cables
  • Connectors
  • Complex Wireline Assemblies
  • MWD/LWD Assemblies
  • Isolation Assemblies

Cementation/Stage Tools:

  • Opening/Closing Plugs
  • Specialty Wiper Plugs
  • Lead/Follow Wiper Systems
  • Standard and Eccentric Guide Noses
  • Centralizers
  • Inner String Cementing Sealing Devices

Liner Hanger Accessories:

  • Landing Collars
  • Drillable Pack Off Bushings
  • Tie Back Seal Assembly Guide Noses
  • Specialty Wiper Plugs

Our engineering staff works closely with our customers to jointly develop prototypes and choose the best composite materials and manufacturing methods to provide cost-effective solutions that meet your specific strength requirements and performance needs.

Our account managers will assist you throughout the entire process – from prototype development and testing to full-scale production of down hole assemblies and products – ensuring timely and successful completion of projects.

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