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GP&C operations are open

GP&C operations are open

As COVID-19 continues to evolve and spread as a health issue impacting communities and businesses worldwide we want to assure you that our core focus is providing uninterrupted service to our customers, while also ensuring the well-being of our employees and their families.

Given our connection to the energy industry, we are an Essential Business supplying critical tools for the drilling and extraction of oil and gas. Read More

Meet GP&C’s Technological Advancement in Flow Machining: Wall-e

Wall-e is a four-joint, industrial pick-and-place robot, made by premier robot manufacturer Universal Robots. The robot loads and unloads cones into a machine that enables us to increase our frac plug output. Wall-e attends to two Haas 4 axis CNC lathes, allowing our operators to focus on and execute additional value-added tasks.

Wall-e is a UR10 model “collaborative” robot, which means it is very user-friendly, easy to program and can work and interact safely around operators. Read More

Safety Always Comes First

Throughout our growth, one thing remains unwavering, and that is our commitment to safety. We’ve doubled our headcount in the past year and GPC will continue to grow and continue to focus on safety as our #1 priority. Here’s what we expect of each employee to assure a safe workplace for all:

  • Safety starts with each and every one of us individually and cumulatively;
  • GPC provides a safe environment for employees and we also expect employees to be mindful of safety for themselves and their co-workers;
  • If at any time a job does not appear safe, we expect our employees to stop the task and ask for assistance or recommend a better way to do the task.
Read More

General Plastics & Composites JOB FAIR – May 5

We’re expanding our family! Join us on May 5 for a job fair.

Open positions include:

  • Materials Technicians (day/night)
  • CNC Machinists (day/night)
  • CNC Machine Operator (day/night)
  • Maintenance (night)
  • Quality Auditors (night)

You won’t just find a job here, you will find a family!  We offer excellent benefits, great schedules, competitive pay, training, & advancement opportunities – all at a convenient location near Hobby Airport. Read More

New in-ground test well debuts at headquarters facility

We worked with industry experts to construct a state-of-the-art test well, which provides customers quick access to full-scale tests to enable faster R&D projects and commercialization opportunities. The test well accommodates pressures up to 15,000PSI and temperatures up to 350⁰F, capable of handling sizes from 7” and under.

Located at GPC headquarters, the test well has a control system, pressure system and heating system. Read More

Online Safety Training Platform provides a customized, flexible training opportunity to employees

Online Safety Training Platform provides a customized, flexible training opportunity to employees

This spring, we contracted Martech, an online technical safety training provider, to offer online safety learning modules to our employees. Safety has always been a top priority for the company, and this new platform makes it easier for employees to stay up-to-date on the latest industry protocols and procedures.

During the first three months of the kickoff, employees were required to complete two modules per month. Read More

Harvey Update: 9/7/17

We are back to regular operating hours this week.

About 30 of our employees were directly affected by the flooding. As the storm cleared, we helped fellow co-workers with clean-up. 4 crews of GP&C employees, family members, and neighbors helped demo 5 homes. Thanks to all that volunteered their time and energy to help those that experienced the destruction from Hurricane Harvey. Read More

GP&C Harvey Update: 8/31/17

We are thankful that the GP&C facilities were spared from the Houston flooding, and that our employees have a safe place to return to work once they are available.

GP&C restarted operating today (days shift only), focused on keeping our commitments, so our customers can keep theirs. We believe this is one small way we can contribute to rebuilding the business community. Read More

GPC Harvey Update: 8/29

GPC operations will be closed through Wednesday. We will start operations Thursday pending the weather and the ability of our workforce to get to our facility. Our thoughts and prayers are with our employees, customers and suppliers and all those impacted by the storm. Read More